Single Malt Scotch Tasters of Reno

Fine Whisky and Fine Friends

Whisky Scoring System

This is the scoring system used by our club.  I am not certain as to the source of this scoring system, but we like it because of the simplicity of the descriptions.

Scoring System:

0-50     Nothing short of absolutely diabolical.

51-64   Nasty and well worth avoiding.

65-69   Very unimpressive indeed.

70-74   Usually drinkable but don’t expect the earth to move.

75-79   Average and usually pleasant though sometimes flawed.

80-84   Good whisky worth trying.

85-89   Very good to excellent whisky definitely worth buying.

90-93   Brilliant.

94-97   Superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live.

98-100 Better than anything I’ve ever tasted!

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