Single Malt Scotch Tasters of Reno

Fine Whisky and Fine Friends

Oct 2015 - Muirhead's Silver Seal

This meeting was hosted by Art
Primary tasting: 20 year old Muirhead's Silver Seal, bottled 1992, 80 proof
Fun tasting: Shielding 18-Year Old, 80 Proof - $46

Tasting Notes for 20 Year Old Moorhead's Silver Seal, Bottled 1992, 80 Proof

Color:  Straw.
Nose:  Honey, vanilla, rose pedals, melon, and sherry.
Flavor:  Clean, honey sweetness, vanilla, and resinous.
Finish:  Dry, sweet, warming, and mellow.
Short Comment:  Clean, simple, pleasant whisky.
Club Score:  86
Would purchase:  5 of 10 said yes.

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