Single Malt Scotch Tasters of Reno

Fine Whisky and Fine Friends

August 8, 2018

This event was hosted by Clark and included two Scotches:

1st Tasting: Glencadam 15-Year-Old Highland (46%) ($102)

2nd Tasting: Highland Park Full Volume from Orkney, Scotland (47 %) ($100)

Tasting Notes for: Glencadam 15-Year-Old Highland (46%) ($102)

Color: straw, pale

Nose: medicinal x3, grassy x3, sweet x2, apple, caramel, cereal, chocolate, clean, dry, fruity, hot, melon, sage, salty, wood

Flavor: pepper x2, hot x2, ashy, burnt toffee, cherry, fire, honey, light, pleasant, spicy, sweet, tangy, vanilla, warm

Finish: hot, warm, medium-long to lingering, sweet, pepper, sage, tangy

Comment: Simple sweet, hot, pleasant summer sip; had better.

Score average: 82.5 (range 70 to 92)

3/10 said they would buy at $102

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